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2020-2022 Platinum Powerstroke Power Package

2020-2022 Platinum Powerstroke Power Package

Part Number: 67P-21PRG-SOTF-T+PD-2-12334000+PD-1-12334141+PD-3-12334000+75-5140+98620+84130-3

Straight Sideways Customs Inc

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 What's Included? 

The Platinum package incudes: 

  • AMDP Power Programmer
  • Switch On The Fly Tuning & Transmission Tuning (Optional SOTF Switch)
  • Polar Diesel Full Exhaust (Muffler or no muffler, 4" or 5")
  • Edge Insight CTS3 Monitor
  • Edge EAS EGT Kit
  • S&B Cold-Air Intake Kit
  • Polar Diesel EGR Delete Kit
  • Polar Diesel CCV Delete Kit


*Note: Requires the use of a Windows based laptop. 2022 OEM Power Level requires the EGR & Throttle Valves to remain plugged in. 


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
On 0HP 50HP 75HP 100HP N/A
0HP 50HP 75HP 100HP 150HP


Idle Sound: The sound of the exhaust while idling can be changed by commanding the VGT turbo open for the Rumble idle or closed for the Whistle idle.

Low Boost Fueling: Standard Low Boost Fueling is recommended for daily driving and towing. Increased Low boost fueling increases the amount of fuel injected at lower RPM/Boost which results in more low end power.

Shift Points: Standard Shift Points is recommended for fuel economy. Raised shift points hold each gear longer and aids in throttle response and engine/exhaust braking.

Click Here for all updated tuning instructions & software. 

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