VENOM CP3 CONVERSION KITS - DODGE 6.7L 2019-2020 PICK-UP 2500/3500

Part Number: 1050490

BD Diesel Performance

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VENOM CP3 CONVERSION KITS - DODGE 6.7L 2019-2020 PICK-UP 2500/3500

The Venom line was developed to replace our FlowMax line with improved max flow rate and better flow control. This pump provides enough fuel flow to support up to 900hp. Unlike typical ball and seat style regulators, our new diaphragm style pressure regulator makes this pump more efficient and helps maintain fuel pressure as flow demand increases.

This upgraded pump maintains high fuel pressure, even at high flow, which helps prevent premature injection pump failure by reducing wear. The Venom design supports the gerotor using sealed ball bearings to maintain smooth, reliable operation. A rigid aluminum bracket along with vibration isolators allow for versatile and easy installation.


  • 1-1/8in diaphragm-based fuel pressure regulation
  • Preset 15-18 psi
  • Updated pump mounting bracket
  • Includes commonly sourced water separator & fuel filter
  • 165gph supports from stock up to 900hp
  • Hard coat billet pump body (military grade)
  • Quick connect fittings included - no cutting required
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Replacement fuel filter equivalent Donaldson P551315
  • Replacement water separator filter equivalent Donaldson P550550


  • 24-Months Parts
  • 48,000 miles